An Original Documentary Film for American Public TV






Farheen Umar - Producer/ Director


Farheen is an American-Muslim residing in San Diego. She is an independent filmmaker with a passion for telling the truth about issues that the mainstream media tends to distort.�Women of Islam � Veiling and Seclusion� is Farheen�s first major production intended for the American public television.On this project, Farheen has played several roles, including producer, director, writer, camera-works and executive editor.


Syed Umar - Co-Producer/ Audio Director/ Composer


Syed Umar has been involved in audio recordings since 1985.As a musician on keyboard, he has performed in live concerts and has recorded music in professional studios in Pakistan with various Pop/Rock bands.Syed has extensive experience working with both analog and digital multi-track recording equipment - including analog/digital sound mixers from vendors like Mackey and Tascam, and PC based multi-track recording systems like Cakewalk.

Syed has been involved with the production of this documentary from the start.He has composed and recorded original music for this documentary.He has also traveled with the crew and recorded sound on-location.Syed has been managing all the studio technicalities for this production as well.

Syed is an electrical engineer by profession.


Clint Burkett - Editor


Clint Burkett is a freelance digital video editor with expertise in Avid-Media 100 and Final Cut Pro. Clint has a bachelors degree in Journalism. He has served as chief video editor for KUSI TV and was Emmy nominated for feature news editing in 1994. Clint has also worked as a video editor for KFMB TV � Channel 8 and Cox Channel 4 in San Diego.He has also edited �Every 15 Minutes� � drunk driving documentary program and has a strong interest in this genre. Some of his recent assignments are �World Wave Pictures � Surfing documentary�, �Migrant Workers � Documentary on Migrant Mexicans�. Clint played an important role in the editing of �Women of Islam�.



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